Advantages of the CrMS

The advantages to the CrMS are numerous! It is safe, with no medical side effects associated with its use. It is relatively inexpensive compared to methods of contraception. It is highly reliable and natural, working with the woman's natural cyclic changes in fertility. And it is a shared system between spouses, the use of the system involves both spouse so that the man feels involved in the shared fertility of the couple and the responsibility of the fertility of the couple does not lie completely on the woman. Because it is a shared system it encourages growth in respect for each other and their appreciation of their fertility regardless of their current use intention of the system. To use the system effectively, it is necessary to make accurate observations and chart them correctly. The couple must also follow the system instructions, which depends on the couple's decision to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Because the system encourages mutual growth, respect, and love, there is also a decreased rate of divorce of 2.2% in couples who use the system, compared to the 50-70% divorce rate of the general population. It is a system based on the respect for human life, human dignity, and the integrity of marriage.

Adolescents and Single Women

This system teaches females about how their body works and she will learn what is normal for her so that she can detect when there is an abnormality. While it is all too common for a woman to be recommended artificial birth control to suppress symptoms of irregular cycles, painful periods, or other issues, the Creighton Model System helps to identify the underlying cause so that medical treatment can be used to treat the cause of the issue and not just mask it and leave it to be dealt with when pregnancy is desired later in life. Leaving such issues untreated can lead to the issue becoming more severe and complicated.

Married and Engaged Couples

Research has shown that couples who use a natural means to regulate birth have happier marriages and lower divorce rates. In addition to assisting the couple in planning their family and monitoring health, the system strengthens marriages through loving cooperation and communication. SPICE is promoted in the relationship to strengthen following elements: Spiritual, physical, intellectual, communicative/creative, emotional.

The effectiveness of the CrMS has been extensively studied. The method effectiveness (perfect use of the system) is 99.8%. The use-effectiveness (the actual use of the couple), because some couples do not use the system exactly as designed, is 96.8%.  Compared to contraceptive use with the typical use-effectiveness ranging from 70-95%.